Production Design / scenography concept for a play about the adventures of Tintin. In 2 acts, it is based on the 2 books “Destination Moon” and “Explores on the Moon” by Hergé.

The scenography is inspired by the way graphic novels and comic books use limited space, squares and storyboard technics to tell the story with great precision, energy and flow.

The main construction is 2 floors with moveable walls, a platform for spacewalks and 3 flor to ceiling screens placed around the construction. This makes  it possible to integrate different elements on the stage such as animation, projection, live-feed from the backstage area and close-ups. All props including vehicles and of course the iconic red rocket are 2D cutouts and drawn up in the style of Hergé. Thereby fuse film, comic books and theatre into a dynamic and surprising play.

This formed part of my Masters project at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design.

The play is designed for Store Scene in Skuespilhuset at The Royal Danish Teater.

Soundtrack cover by New Zealand based artist John Ropiha Slivsgaard.